The Triple Bridge Waterfront is located on the shore of Liepaja Canal connecting the Baltic Sea to the Liepaja lake forming an important connection to the city. The central location of the canal in respect to the arrangement of the city seems to have great potential for the near future urban development of the city itself, the assigned plot is in fact carved out by a large arterial road and located on the waterfront of the canal. This results in an elongated flattened slither of land, 22m long and 40m narrow. At present the place looks like a generic lawn that separates the channel from the street without creating a real dialogue or integration between the two. Our proposal mitigates the existing context while embodying a diaphragmatic role; linking the different elements through a series of volumes. If towards the road the volumes seem an almost airtight structure, on the waterfront a very open and spacious front is created. It is the water itself that made us think of this place as an important crossroad where citizens could enjoy a snack or meal meanwhile reaching the natural park of the neighboring island of Zirgu Hall of imminent realization. It is this relation with the water that becomes one of the key concepts in our proposed vision and particularly the sculptural concept of erosion that comes with it (the inspiration becomes even more evident, in reference to the remains of the bunker Libava Fortress, located to the north west of the city) . Erosion understood as something constructive, an action that creates empty spaces and where light and water are allowed to penetrate and become part of the architecture. The resulting proposal is a strong urban intervention that incorporates character and history, resulting in one building composed of four large spaces containing functions, meanwhile providing the public realm a series of outdoor spaces such as squares, an elevated park and a worthy long walkway on the canal, as well as a succession of large interior spaces. The architectural proposal is trying to create a promenade slithered by a succession of positive and negative volumes, full and empty spaces all defined by an almost sculptural form that speaks a decisive language, giving a strong identity to the city of Liepaja.